Prince Harry the ‘Brew Bitch’


The picture above is taken from the Sunday Life, a Northern Ireland based newspaper, on Sunday 27th January 2013.

Before I start, I have to admit that if I had to pick a favourite royal, despite his grandmother’s symbolically powerful work for peace the past couple of years, for pure entertainment value, Harry would be it.  He does seem like he is a bit of a laugh and relatively down to earth.  So this isn’t really having a go at Harry so much as it is pointing out something of the misogyny that is deeply embedded in British military masculinity, of which he seems to be the new public face.

Harry is no stranger to P.R. disasters.  In fact, this wasn’t even Harry’s first P.R. disaster in the last week.  A few days ago he made the headlines for comparing his role fighting the Taliban to a video game.  This was most likely a ploy to make Harry look like the ‘warrior prince’ but ended up with him looking more of a wally than a warrior.

So, to his latest comments.  This time, in order to make us think he was just ‘one of the boys’, he told a story about how when he lost a board game with his military pals, he would have to do all sorts of chores for them, essentially making him their ‘brew bitch’.  Now the way we can view this is put it down to a bit of a laugh, just some harmless banter between some of the boys, or we can see it as symptomatic of a huge problem of sexism and misogyny within military masculinities, in this case the British Army.  That was the way the conversation played out when I posted it on twitter.  I’ve included the screenshot below.

The conversation finishes up with @HunkyJimphorps getting to what I consider to be the heart of the matter.  The problem of patriarchal masculinity is essentially about power and the will to dominate women and other men.

‘calling himself the “bitch” when he had to be subordinate to other men is in fact a hateful way to think about women’


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